About Us

Standard Boksit Isletmeleri A.S. was established in 2014 as a 100% subsidiary of Verusa Holding in order to make mining investments and operations.

Our company carries on a business on ore preparation, operation of rich mineral reserves, underground and above-ground natural resources and especially mining resources. It increases its competitive power with mine variety investments, local specialization and R&D capacity and creates added value to the economy, production and employment in the territory and Turkey.


Bauxite Ore

Standard Boksit Isletmeleri A.S. has the biggest bauxite deposits in Turkey and the territory. Under its corporate structure that is open to development and progress, it aims to make investments in bauxite enrichment and establish facilities that will obtain alumina and aluminum from bauxite by benefiting from world-class advanced technologies. This way, it will increase production, sales volume and product quality.

It combines a sustainable future under its corporate responsibilities with its sensitive approach to the environment, the customers and communities it serves, and its suppliers in its activities spanning the entire value chain.