Environmental Policy

While Standard Boksit Isletmeleri A.S serves with a quality-oriented approach, it continues its activities with the awareness of its responsibilities towards the environment and society. We aim to reduce environmental risks and impacts arising from our activities within the framework of national and international regulations. ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard guides our work.

Within the scope of Environmental Policy, we commit to
 - Find creative and innovative solutions to environmental problems with practices developed by focusing on sustainability priorities,

- Fulfill the responsibilities regarding the national and international legal regulations regarding the environment,
- Apply current legislation and standards on health, safety and quality issues for technology, materials and raw materials used in all our activities,

- Continuously review our environmental policy within the scope of the Environmental Management System and to reduce our impact on the environment,

- Measure environmental performance based on targets and to improve continuously by reporting the results,

- Increase energy efficiency, to minimize the level of greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce other air emissions in order to contribute to the fight against climate change,

- Ensure the efficient use of resources by choosing the most suitable products in terms of energy efficiency and to support all product designs based on improvement of sustainability performance,

- Reduce wastes at their source, to apply reuse and recycling techniques and to provide the necessary human, technology and financing to dispose of wastes in a way that does not harm the environment,

- Reduce water consumption, to minimize the level of waste water and to improve the quality of waste water,

- Preserve biodiversity in our operating regions,

- Provide training to employees and suppliers to increase environmental awareness,

- Audit relevant parties and establishments by following the environment friendly management systems during the planning and implementation processes of our all activities and keep them open to the information of our stakeholders in line with our transparency principles.

1 member representing our Company serves in the Verusa Holding Sustainability Committee which is responsible for our Environmental Policies. The committee and environmental management teams meet at least once a year to review environmental policy and practices. The Board of Directors is informed about the taken decisions and the process.