Bauxite Mines

Bauxite is the main aluminum ore and is the only mineral group that aluminum can be produced. In other words, aluminum is the most commonly used raw material in alumina production for metal production.
Since bauxite mine deposits are formed close to the surface, it is operated with surface mining and alumina facilities are generally established near the mine fields from which bauxite ore is extracted.

The bauxite reserves in the world are 55-75 billion tons, 30 billion tons of which represent economically mineable reserves. Worldwide production is approximately 250 million tons and has been constantly increasing with the great demand coming since recent years.

It is estimated that approximately 63 million tons of the total 422 million tons of bauxite reserves in Turkey are economically mineable.

The bauxite deposits and mine site licenses owned by Standard Boksit Isletmeleri A.S. are 22 in total, in 7 different regions.

-Adana Tufanbeyli Bauxite Field
-Konya Seydişehir Bauxite Field
-Antalya Akseki Bauxite Field Akseki 1
-AntalyaAkseki Bauxite Field Akseki 2
-Antalya Akseki Bauxite Field Akseki 3
-Antalya Akseki Bauxite Field Akseki 4
-Antalya Akseki Bauxite Field Akseki 5
-Antalya Akseki Bauxite Field Akseki 6
-Antalya Akseki Bauxite Field Akseki 7
-Antalya Akseki Bauxite Field Akseki 8
-Antalya Alanya Bauxite Field Alanya 1
-Antalya Alanya Bauxite Field Alanya 2
-Antalya Alanya Bauxite Field Alanya 3
-Antalya Alanya Bauxite Field Alanya 4
-Antalya Alanya Bauxite Field Alanya 5
-Kahramanmaraş Göksun Bauxite Field Göksun 1
-Kahramanmaraş Göksun Bauxite Field Göksun 2
-Karaman Çukurbağ Bauxite Field
-Eskişehir Mihalıççık Bauxite Field
-Muğla Yatağan Bauxite Field
-Gaziantep İslahiye Bauxite Field İslahiye 1
-Gaziantep İslahiye Bauxite Field İslahiye 2