Copper Mines

Copper is one of the most sought metals in construction, chemistry, jewelry, machine industry, especially in electric electronic industry throughout the world with its high electric and heat conductivity in addition to its superior chemical and physical properties.
Copper is one of the oldest metals used in human history, and thanks to its characteristic metal properties, it ranks second among the most used metals today. Copper is a transition group element with a hardness of 2-3 and a density of 8.93 g/cm3, which is usually sulfurous, oxidized and complex, but can be found in nature in native state even if it is just in a small amount. It is highly resistant to atmospheric conditions. 80% of the world's copper production is made from sulfur deposits.
Copper ores are divided into three groups as oxidized (Cubit, Cu2O) sulfurous (Chalcocite C2S) and carbonaceous (Malachite, C2CO3 (OH) 2).
Copper Mining is carried out with surface and underground mining methods. Copper production in the world is carried out by extracting sulfurous and oxidized copper ores by mining, enrichment, blistering and refining.
Approximately 3 billion tons of copper reserves have been determined in the world, and approximately 4 million tons are in our country.

2 copper deposit and mine site license owned by Standard Boksit Isletmeleri A.S. belong.


-Erzincan Province Otlukbeli District Copper Field.

-Tokat Province Zile District Copper Field.