Quality Policy

Standard Boksit Isletmeleri A.S. has adopted the principle of continuity in quality and being a brand in the sector with the principle of being sustainable in its fields of activity, as in all companies of the Verusa Group. Based on these principles, we commit to

-Be a leader in competitive markets by diversifying its investments, resources and production according to changing world and country conditions,

-Increase company performance and productivity in production by adapting innovations in the sector to business processes,
-Transform risks into opportunities by continuously evaluating and reviewing changing industry and market conditions, to ensure continuity and continuous improvement in business processes by effectively managing risks in line with our goals,

-Protect health, safety of life, social peace and the environment under our quality management system, to act in accordance with national and international standards, laws and regulations,

-Be a leading company in which all our employees are proud to be a part of our quality work force by providing information, training and continuous development with the awareness that our human resources are the greatest value for us.
-Work in line with the principle of long-term cooperation with our suppliers and customers in our business processes and to support their continuous development,
-Achieve business results that will create value for the relevant parties and all our stakeholders in all our activities, to offer them the privilege of working with a transparent and reliable company, and to be open to public information in all processes