Iron Mines

Iron has been involved in life and its production for centuries and witnessed the long history of humans. Iron, which is one of the most used metals today, comes into our lives mostly in the form of steel.
Iron ore is the main raw material of the iron and steel industry. In order for a mine to be considered as an ore, it must be economical to mine and use. The blending grade of iron ores used in the steel industry is desired to be at least 57% Fe. Iron ore is the fourth most common element in the earth crust with a rate of approximately 5.4%, and it is present in nature as Magnetite (Fe3O4), Hematite (Fe2O3), Limonite (2Fe2O3.2H2O), Goethite (Fe2O3. H2O), Chalybite (FeCO3) and Pyrite (FeS2) minerals.
Iron is the most used element of all metals and constitutes 95% of the metals produced in the world by weight. Its low price and high endurance properties make iron indispensable in its use as a structural component of the construction, automotive, cement, paint industry, shipbuilding and buildings.
Nowadays, iron is one of the basic raw materials of the industry. It plays an important role in the development of the country's economy and the per capita iron and steel consumption is taken into account in measuring the size of the economy.
While iron reserves in the world is 170 billion tons, iron reserves in Turkey is 220 million tons.
1 iron deposit and mine site license owned by Standard Boksit Isletmeleri A.S. belongs to Sivas Province Divrigi District Iron Site.